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Immunizations save lives and prevent many serious illnesses.  Because of the effectiveness of immunizations, many diseases are now rarely encountered - except in places where immunizations are not available or immunization rates have fallen.  We fully support the immunization schedule endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).  Effective immediately we will no longer accept new patients who refuse all immunizations.  Our current patients will need to be updated with state required immunizations.  

“According to the AAP, the recommended immunization schedule is the only one that has been tested for safety and effectiveness.”  However, we are willing to work with families who would like an alternative schedule as long as immunizations are updated by the required dates.  Immunizations will not be required for patients who have a medical exemption for certain vaccines.

We understand that some parents are concerned about the safety of immunizations.  We believe that vaccines are safe.  There is much inaccurate and sensational information disseminated on the internet and via social media about immunizations.  We are happy to discuss any parental concerns and try to answer questions about vaccine safety and effectiveness.  We hope to persuade you!  We are sympathetic to our families who worry about immunizations, but we are also committed to protecting the children and families in our practice who may suffer devastating consequences from the diseases that vaccines prevent.

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