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What About Urgent Care?

The problem...

It seems there is an urgent care center on every corner. It is tempting, because of convenience, to go to urgent care instead of making an appointment in the office. Your corner urgent care is often not staffed by providers who are experienced in caring for infants and children. We regularly get reports from urgent care centers that make us worry about the care our patients are receiving. We are also concerned that urgent care "sports physicals" are not adequate to identify illness and injury that might prevent or modify participation in sports. We understand from our patients that they are typically examined only very briefly--with clothes on! 

Our solution...

We understand that work, school, after hours illness and emergencies sometimes make it difficult to get to the office. So, in an effort to offer our patients improved care and greater convenience, we are made changes to our office schedule.


We are now open later during the week and have added additional Saturday appointments. We are also open on weekday mornings from 8 am to 9 am for walk-in appointments.

when to come for a walk-in appointment: 

These appointments are first come first serve. Visits will typically be brief and reserved for less complicated or acute problems. Chronic or complicated problems require more time and a full-length appointment (see examples). 


  • fever

  • pink eye

  • stye

  • ear pain

  • sore throat

  • cough

  • asthma exacerbation

  • cold symptoms

  • seasonal allergies

  • hives

  • eczema

  • poison ivy

  • diaper rash

  • rash

  • vomiting

  • diarrhea

  • urinary tract infection (toilet trained) 

  • acute injuries

schedule an appointment

  • feeding or weight problems

  • chronic headaches

  • concussion

  • chronic abdominal pain

  • constipation

  • bed wetting 

  • asthma management

  • school problems

  • ADHD

  • developmental delays

  • behavior issues

  • depression

  • anxiety 

  • multiple concerns

  • yearly physical exams

  • sports physicals 

*Please note, depending on availability, that families with more than two children needing an urgent visit may need to schedule an additional appointment later that day. 

New Office Hours 

monday-thursday:       8am-9am walk-in only

                             9am-7pm appointments

friday:                     8am-9am walk-in only

                             9am-4pm appointments

saturday:                  9am-12 noon appointments

Same day appointments available monday-saturday!

Appointments can be made by calling




After hours? Call our answering service at 248.691.8683

to be connected to the provider on call. 

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